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At Luxury Motor Sports we Strive Every Day to Provide You with the Best Buying Experience Possible!

For over 6 years Fargo/Moorhead has made us one of the Biggest Little Dealerships in the Area. Thank You!

Take the Time to Learn what makes us Different and we are positive you will See the Difference!

If you don’t want to know what makes us different – Skip to the bottom and select which type of customer you are…, But if you want to know the Honest Truth about what goes on here, please take 2 minutes to read this short

So, What makes us Different? Great Question & we are Glad you want to know!

This Starts at the Beginning. We are Picky. Picky about Everything! From the Vehicles we Buy to the Repair Process, onto the Detailing and Final Finishing Process.

In the Beginning, There was a car. It was at auction anticipating sale day in hopes that it would soon be purchased and sold to a new family or individual owner! Oh no, thought the car, here comes Eric! He is awesome at finding flaws – Problems - & Issues with vehicles! I hope I pass his inspection thought the car.. First He walks around me giving me a visual inspection.. he is looking for flaws that most customers won’t ever see.. He can tell quickly whether I have had a panel repainted or replaced by looking for variances in my paint.. Good Thing I passed! Oh no, he is feeling the tires to see if they need to be changed.. They do.. that will make me worth less to him since he will put new tires on for my next owner.. he also noticed the chopped edges on my tires.. tells him the struts will need to be replaced before selling also..

Ok, well he is opening the door and inspecting the inside now.. Hope he doesn’t notice the missing floormats.. he did.. he is checking all electrical functions now.. from lighting, to power seat functions, to making sure all windows/mirrors/etc.. operate as they should.. darn he found my broken window switch and made a note… Oh no! hes getting out his expensive computer! Most don’t come with a computer that nice! He can read History Codes which is important! That tells him if the seller just deleted the codes for things that will come up later after im sold! Oh no, he found that I have several issues that are common to my breed, and the dealership selling me cleared the codes prior to bringing me here.. There is a lot of little things I need fixed and he is making note of all of them.. That will save the new owner thousands in repair costs! I sure hope he buys me and fixes my issues so I am like new for my next owner.. So far he has found over a $1,800.00 in repairs He would fix before selling me.. Wow, Most people aren’t this picky or detailed on a vehicle as new as me.. I only have 80,000 miles after all!!

Our process is the same with every vehicle. It is inspected before purchase. Road Tested After Purchase, and Shop Bound with any issues Found. Once in the Shop it is given a once over to find & fix anything else needed. From there it is headed to our Cleaning Department. It is Scrubbed all over, not just sprayed and vacuumed like most places.. Our Vehicles average over 8 hours of attention to detail cleaning. No quick make it look good sprays that evaporate a few weeks after sale here.. We are Adamant about making sure no evidence of prior owners is found in our vehicles.. They are used, but they are new to you! After The Detailing is complete our in house paint repair goes to work. We find, Fix & Fill any and all scratches, paint & rock chips we see. This will help your re-sale value & keep your paint/vehicle in the nicest possible shape by sealing the open wounds in the paint.. Who else does this?

Our Process & Standards. This is what sets us apart.

You Can Rest Assured that your next Vehicle from Luxury Motor Sports has been put through One of the Most Rigorous & Scrutinized Process’ in the area Before you even see it for Sale!

Please Give us a try & you will find we are different. From Start to Finish You will be treated how any one of us want to be treated. Respect, Dignity, Honesty, Character, Integrity. Mottos we live by.

Luxury Motor Sports – More than an Experience..
The New Standard of Used Car Dealerships!

We Take our business Seriously. We are always looking for the most innovative ways to continue to be Fargo/Moorhead’s best used car dealership for our customers.

We offer a full line up of Financing options. All of whom are scrutinized before we sign with them. After all, its about our customers, not about what’s best for us. If we take care of our customer, our customer will take care of us. This is a Principal we work by.

We offer Guaranteed Financing by the Best/Largest Sub Prime Lender in the Nation to our customers who have been through some things.. We have all been there and sometimes we need a helping hand up! They Will Report to ALL 3 CREDIT BEAUROS whether you make payments or not they are reporting. No other Company does that! This is important because you want the opportunity to build and establish credit don’t you? Imagine one day having a credit score of 700 or even 800!! Credit Cards, Nicer Better Standard of Life for your Family, An opportunity to purchase a Home for yourself or family.. All starts with a good Credit Score.. Its not just a car anymore.. its an opportunity to build a life..

We offer Bank/Traditional Financing for our Customers looking for the best APR Rates.. We have Selected Both Local & National Lenders to Compete for your business. Fill out 1 application with us & let us find you the best interest rate possible.